City Diner a family owned and operated restaurant, has been a part of Almaden Valley neighborhood for years, which was demolished on 2008 for shopping center re-construction and the location closed,

but luckily we are open in our newer location at 2951 Monterey rd in San Jose where we can still serve you American comfort food in an honest plate  just like the Good Old Days.

Our Mission is to continue the greatness of the simple pleasures for generations to come with bringing Simplicity and principle back in to our lives by putting real heart in to customer service and quality in the food.


Sincerely like to meet you at the Diner!



Soup of the day

Monday: Potato Soup
Tuesday: Chicken Noodle
Wednesday: Lentil
Friday: Clam Chowder
Our Signature soup Greek Lemon is served every day

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